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  • (commit) Version 1.0.1
  • (commit) Merge branch 's390-1.0' of git://
  • (commit) Merge branch 'ppc-1.0' of git://
  • (commit) e1000: bounds packet size against buffer size
  • (commit) s390: fix cpu hotplug / cpu activity on interrupts
  • (commit) s390x: add TR function for EXECUTE
  • (commit) pseries: Don't try to munmap() a malloc()ed TCE table
  • (commit) pseries: Populate "/chosen/linux,stdout-path" in the FDT
  • (commit) pseries: Add a routine to find a stable "default" vty and use it
  • (commit) pseries: Emit device tree nodes in reg order
  • (commit) kvm-ppc: halt secondary cpus when guest reset
  • (commit) pseries: Fix array overrun bug in PCI code
  • (commit) console: Fix segfault on screendump without VGA adapter
  • (commit) Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
  • (commit) rbd: always set out parameter in qemu_rbd_snap_list
  • (commit) Documentation: Add qemu-img -t parameter in man page
  • (commit) qemu-img rebase: Fix for undersized backing files
  • (commit) coroutine: switch per-thread free pool to a global pool
  • (commit) qiov: prevent double free or use-after-free
  • (commit) PPC: Fix linker scripts on ppc hosts
  • (commit) target-sh4: ignore ocbp and ocbwb instructions
  • (commit) usb-ohci: td.cbp incorrectly updated near page end
  • (commit) usb-host: properly release port on unplug & exit
  • (commit) usb-storage: cancel I/O on reset
  • (commit) Fix parse of usb device description with multiple configurations
  • (commit) pc: fix event_idx compatibility for virtio devices
  • (commit) pc: add pc-0.15
  • (commit) cris: Handle conditional stores on CRISv10
  • (commit) configure: Enable build by default PIE / read-only relocation sections on OpenBSD amd64/i386.
  • (commit) target-i386: fix cmpxchg instruction emulation
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: Use the correct signed type for different variables
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: replace iovec manipulation with QEMUIOVector
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: Use the correct file descriptor in Fsdriver Callback
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: Add qdev.reset callback for virtio-9p-pci device
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: Reset server state during TVERSION
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: use migration blockers to prevent live migration when virtfs export path is mounted
  • (commit) hw/9pfs: Improve portability to older systems
  • (commit) exec.c: Fix subpage memory access to RAM MemoryRegion
  • (commit) malta: Fix regression (i8259 interrupts did not work)


  • i386-softmmu is no longer named qemu but instead referred to as qemu-system-i386 for better consistency with other targets. A new tool is likely to be introduced that uses the qemu name so distributions are advised to not undo this change.
  • QEMU now uses a separate thread for VCPU execution. This merges the biggest difference between the qemu-kvm tree and upstream QEMU.
  • A new memory dispatch API has been added internally. A new monitor command "info mtree" can show the hierarchy of memory regions in the guest.
  • QEMU now has a build dependency on glib and makes extensive use of glib.
  • QEMU now can run on more hosts. Hosts without a native code generator can use the TCG interpreter (TCI). See Features/TCI for more information.

Block devices (disks)

  • QEMU now supports I/O latency accounting in the monitor command "info blockstats".
  • Errors are now tracked per device and are shown by the monitor command "info block".
  • All image formats now support asynchronous operation. IDE and SCSI emulation will use this feature, while other devices (notably floppy and SD) will not.


  • A large number of bugs were fixed regarding CD media change and tray locking.


  • Memory management errors could crash QEMU when scsi-disk encountered I/O errors. Many instances of this problem were fixed.
  • The accuracy of error handling for SCSI emulation has been greatly improved.
  • SCSI devices can now be addressed by channel, target (id) and LUN. Not all emulated HBAs will support this feature (in particular, the LSI controller will not).
  • Block device pass through is now supported through a new scsi-block device. The scsi-block device works with block devices (like /dev/sda or /dev/sr0) rather than /dev/sgN devices, and is more efficient because it does not consume arbitrary amounts of memory when the guest does large data transfers.
  • SCSI CD-ROMs now report media changed events.
  • SCSI CD-ROMs now support DVD images.
  • Bugfixes for IDE media change also apply to SCSI.
  • SCSI devices now report a unit attention condition when the system is started or reset. This may cause problems with old firmware versions.


  • Now supports discarded blocks in dynamically-sized images.

User-mode networking (SLIRP)

  • SLIRP can process ARP replies and gratuitous ARP requests from the guest.


  • QEMU now supports the new Cortex-A15 instructions in linux-user mode (via "-cpu any"): VFPv4 fused multiply-accumulate (VFMA, VFMS, VFNMA, VFNMS) and also integer division (UDIV, SDIV).
  • The vexpress-a9, versatileab, versatilepb and realview-* boards now have audio support.
  • QEMU is known not to work on ARM hosts in this release. (ARM target emulation is fine.)


  • sPAPR VIO devices can now be created with -device.


  • QEMU now supports DC232b and FSF xtensa CPU cores.
  • QEMU now supports sim (similar to Tensilica ISS) and LX60/LX110/LX200 machines.


  • QEMU now supports live migration using image files like QCOW2 on shared storage