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Release Schedule

2011-02-01 Begin of 0.15 development phase
2011-05-16 Soft feature freeze. Major features should have initial code committed by this date.
2011-06-15; Now 2011-07-22 Fork off stable-0.15, development of 0.16 begins. Tag qemu-0.15.0-rc0
2011-06-24; Now 2011-07-29 Tag qemu-0.15.0-rc1
2011-06-28; Now 2011-08-04 Tag qemu-0.15.0-rc2
2011-07-01; Now 2011-08-08 Tag qemu-0.15.0

Merged Features

(Names refer to people who took or are taking care of merging. More people not mentioned here might have contributed to the features).

  • PowerPC improvements
    • e500 emulation (Alexander Graf)
    • pSeries emulation (David Gibson)
  • s390x target support (Alexander Graf)
  • Virtualization
    • Xen HVM domain support (Anthony Perard)
  • USB improvements
    • Major emulation improvements
    • Smart card emulation (Alon Levy)
  • New lm32 target (Michael Walle)
  • New unicore32 target (Guan Xuetao)
  • more?

Targeted Features

  • Virtualization
    • Xenner support (Alexander Graf)
  • iothread (Paolo Bonzini, Jan Kiszka):
    • Win32 iothread support
    • high-precision rt_clock support
    • -icount support
    • qemu-kvm conversion to iothread (Jan Kiszka, in progress)
    • Mac OS X iothread support?
  • QAPI (Anthony Liguori)
    • QAPI Round 0 (JSON improvements) (Anthony Liguori)
    • QAPI Round 1 (code generator) (Anthony Liguori)
    • QAPI Round 2 (complete conversion) (Anthony Liguori)
    • QAPI Round 3 (session discovery, etc.) (Anthony Liguori)
  • SGA support (Glauber Costa)
  • USB improvements
    • USB 2.0 support (Gerd Hoffmann)

Blocker Bugs