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Release Schedule

NOTE! KVM Forum happens to be the week of 23-27, just before softfreeze, and some maintainers are likely to still be travelling between the end of that and the softfreeze date. If you're one of those people, or planning to try to get code in via their tree, make sure you get patches into trees and pull requests onto the mailing list early!

2017-08-31 Beginning of development phase
2017-10-31 Soft feature freeze. Only bug fixes after this point. All feature changes must be already in a sub maintainer tree and all pull requests from submaintainers must have been sent to the list by this date.
2017-11-07 Hard feature freeze. Tag rc0
2017-11-14 Tag rc1
2017-11-21 Tag rc2
2017-11-28 Tag rc3
2017-12-05 Release, or tag rc4 if extra RC cycle needed Tag rc4
2017-12-11 Tag rc5
2017-12-12 2017-12-13 Release
2018-02-12 Freeze for 2.11.1
2018-02-14 Tag 2.11.1
2018-06-22 Freeze for 2.11.2
2018-06-26 Tag 2.11.2

Known issues

Please list all patch series or bugs which need to be fixed for the release here. That way I can be sure I don't miss any when I'm rolling release candidates.

Fixed in rc0

Fixed in rc2

  • The ARM machines smdkc210, nuri, raspi2, xlnx-ep108 and xlnx-zcu102 do not work anymore. Using them results in "tcg/tcg.c:538:tcg_register_thread: assertion failed: (n < max_cpus)"
  • "make check SPEED=slow" is broken on big endian hosts, since the vmxnet3 device in the pxe-test is not endianess safe. Fix has been posted to the mailing list ("hw/net/vmxnet3: Fix code to work on big endian hosts, too")

Will be fixed in rc3

  • Compilation was broken if TCG was disabled
  • Build of console and GUI executables for Windows was broken
  • assertions in some iotests: "qemu-img: block/block-backend.c:2088: blk_root_drained_end: Assertion `blk->quiesce_counter' failed"

Not yet fixed in any rc

  • java on sh4 regression (patch sent)

Issues that will not be fixed

Targeted Features

See the ChangeLog/2.11 for full details.