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Release Schedule

2015-04-25 Beginning of development phase
2015-06-16 Soft feature freeze. All features

should have patches on the list by this date; major features should have initial code committed.

2015-07-07 2015-07-09 Hard feature freeze. Tag -rc0,

only bug fixes committed after this point

2015-07-14 2015-07-16 Tag v2.4.0-rc1
2015-07-21 2015-07-22 Tag v2.4.0-rc2
2015-07-28 2015-07-29 Tag v2.4.0-rc3
2015-08-05 Tag v2.4.0-rc4
2015-08-04 2015-08-11 Tag v2.4.0
2015-10-29 Freeze for v2.4.1
2015-11-03 Tag v2.4.1

Known issues

Also see Planning/2.4/Testing.

Targeted Features

See the ChangeLog/2.4 for full details.