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QEMU disk images

Here is a collection of links to disk images which can be used to test system emulation.

What Comment
odin1440.img FreeDOS floppy disk image from ODIN (Steve Nickolas)
small.ffs.bz2 Small NetBSD Image (thanx to Nicolas Ollinger)
or1k-linux-5.0-smp.gz OpenRISC Linux 5.0 smp test image. Contains a vmlinux binary that includes an initramfs with busybox, network config and strace for testing
ColdFire binaries M68k binaries that can be used with the an5206 and mcf5208evb machines of QEMU
Aurelien's images A collection of various Debian images for QEMU, e.g. for AMD64, ARM, MIPS, PPC, SH4 and SPARC

Some other interesting images can be found on the QEMU Advent Calendar website.