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Extend aarch64 support in rust-vmm/vmm-reference

Summary: Flesh out aarch64 (ARM) support in vmm-reference to make its features comparable to x86_64

The vmm-reference is a reference implementation of a Rust VMM based on rust-vmm crates. This is currently used for testing the integration of rust-vmm components, with plans of extending it such that it becomes a starting point for custom Rust VMMs.

The vmm-reference currently has support for x86_64 and proof-of-concept level support for aarch64. On aarch64, it just supports booting a dummy VM with no devices, while on x86_64 it has support for the virtio-net and virtio-blk devices. The purpose of this project is to extend the existing functionality getting it closer to what is already available on x86_64, and consume the readily available crates (for example vm-allocator) that would make the integration easier.


  • Set up interrupt controller.
  • Add a real-time clock device.
  • Add a serial port.
  • Add flattened device tree (FDT) so guest has a machine description.

(See below for a full list of tasks)



  • Project size: 350 hours
  • Difficulty: intermediate to advanced
  • Required skills: Rust programming
  • Desired skills: Python programming for integration tests
  • Mentors: Andreea Florescu <>, Sergey Glushchenko <> (rust-vmm Slack chat)