The QEMU project has a large number of different pieces of infrastructure, including servers and accounts on various web services. This page attempts to list them all and indicate who has the access rights on those systems and how they can be updated, so we can update things as necessary as people leave or join the project.

Master cloud accounts servers (except for the QEMU Advent Calendar) are hosted by Azure and OSUOSL.

Rackspace resources are not in use anymore.

The Azure sponsorship will be available until August 31, 2024. We do not intend to renew it.

Rackspace control panel:
  • control / allocate / delete resources
  • backups
primary: stefanha, jcody SFC can add new admin accounts
Microsoft account ( primary: pbonzini

backups: stefanha, cconte

pbonzini, stefanha
OSUOSL stefanha see below for OSUOSL contacts

Server accounts

OSUOSL AlmaLinux 9 server
  • primary: stefanha, paolo
  • backup: Fam Zheng
anybody with root
OSUOSL CentOS 9 server
  • primary: stefanha, paolo
  • backup: Fam Zheng
anybody with root
QEMU Advent Calendar
  • primary: Eldon Stegall
any of the above (all have root accounts)

Other resources

  • is owned by Conservancy
  • are owned by Olivier Guillaumin
  • stefanha listed as technical contact for both
  • jcody: admin access via Gandi
wiki list of administrators anybody in the 'bureaucrat' group
Launchpad pmaydell, paolo, Thomas Huth, Dustin Kirkland (see LP 'qemu' team) if you're in that group with admin status you can add others
IRC channel operator pmaydell, stefanha, bonzini anybody with 'MASTER' access can change this via ChanServ's "ACCESS" command
  • primary: Paolo (pbonzini)
  • others: Michael Roth (use "msitools" project)
OSUOSL point-of-contact stefanha, jcody (and at the OSUOSL end Lance Albertson)
Savannah project pmaydell, stefanha, edgar admin access lets you change list
savannah mailing lists each mailing list has its own list admin and password If you have savannah project admin access you can request a password reset for any list.
GitHub afaerber, aliguori, bonzini, stsquad (Alex Bennée) admin access lets you change list
GitLab stsquad (Alex Bennée), bonzini, pmaydell, philmd, stefanha (up-to-date list)

Individual repositories: qemu qemu-web

admin access lets you change list
coverity scan project pmaydell, bonzini, armbru people with 'maintainer/owner' privileges can change list
QEMU organization danpb, stsquad
readthedocs hosting stsquad (Alex Bennée), stefanha
QEMU PyPI user jsnow (John Snow) email on Zoho Primary: Fam Zheng

backup: paolo

Fam DNS Fam Zheng


There are a small number of machines of various architectures that the project has access to for when maintainers need something faster than running a TCG emulated system

Machine HW Contact ThunderX2 (ARMv8.2) stsquad, rth
s390x-cloud ? pm215, cborntraeger

Cloud hosting details

The Azure account hosts the following resources:

  • (CentOS 9, to be retired soon): web server and database for,,,, (containers + nginx proxy)

OSUOSL hosts the following resources:

  • (CentOS 9): containers for and, web server and database for
  • aka (AlmaLinux 9): containers + nginx proxy for,,,,