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version 1.4.0pre1:

 - API change: identical ioctls for 32 and 64 bit modes, allowing the use of the 32 bit user space QEMU on a 64 bit host.
 - Added KQEMU_SET_PHYS_MEM ioctl to separate the physical memory mappings of kqemu from the QEMU ones.
 - Added communication page for paravirtualization. A paravirtualized guest OS can modify its IF and IOPL flags without a fallback to the KQEMU x86 interpreter.
 - fixed CBW instruction emulation (aka Linux 2.6.25 bug)

version 1.3.0pre11:

 - dynamic device '/dev/kqemu' creation is now the default.
 - '-fno-stack-protector' gcc option fix
 - added kqemu regression tests (can serve as API usage example too)
 - included kqemu technical doc

version 1.3.0pre10:

 - Changed license to GPL version 2
 - x86_64 full virtualization support

version 1.3.0pre9:

 - Fixed host CR0.TS computation (aka Windows XP host bug with -kernel-kqemu and FreeBSD host "npxdna: fpcurthread == curthread" error message).

version 1.3.0pre8:

 - API change for MODULE_PARM macro in 2.6.x kernels.

version 1.3.0pre7:

 - null LDT handling typo

version 1.3.0pre6:

 - compile fix for Linux kernel version >= 2.6.16
 - better null LDT handling (aka Plan9 and ReactOS bug)
 - moved monitor code to another address (aka win2k 256 MB bug)

version 1.3.0pre5:

 - fixed handling of 8 bit registers (aka Linux bug with -kernel-kqemu)
 - win32 temporary workaround for CancelIo()

version 1.3.0pre4:

 - x86_64 fixes

version 1.3.0:

 - acceleration of target kernel code for most OSes
 - the memory allocation is now dynamic according to the number of instances
 - some optimisations for target user code
 - compilation is separated from QEMU

version 0.7.2:

 - more precise segmentation support (aka Win98 support)
 - new API to track dirty RAM pages
 - CR4.TSD support
 - SYSENTER fix for x86_64
 - (Linux) added 'max_instances' module parameter
 - (win32) cpu interruption support (Filip Navara)
 - (win32) kqemu.inf installation file (Filip Navara)
 - IOPL restore fix (aka xen bug)

version 0.7.1-1:

 - FreeBSD compile fixes - added x86_64 support
 - __PAGE_KERNEL_EXEC fix for Linux 2.6

version 0.7.1:

 - PAE fixes
 - x86_64 support
 - 'syscall' insn support in 32 bit mode
 - Windows support