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Add system emulation of HP PA-RISC.


  • Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de>
  • Richard Henderson

Detailed Summary

System emulation of HP's PA-RISC platform. Both 32-bit (PA1.1) and 64-bit (PA2.0). Emulated systems would likely include one of the 'Snakes' (e.g. the 715/100), the C180/C240/similar, and C3000 or similar.


  • Only PA1.1 (32-bit) supported yet.
  • Instruction decoding, branching and most instructions are emulated.
  • User mode emulation has been added (since QEMU 2.9).
  • System mode emulation has been added (since QEMU 4.0).
  • A fork of SeaBIOS exists, which emulates a B160L workstation.
  • Booting Linux and HP-UX works.
  • Generic Tulip PCI NIC support for qemu was added.
  • Graphics card emulation (artist) added.


  • More testing
  • Add more devices for system emulation, e.g.
    • LASI
    • Elroy PCI bridge
  • Enhance SeaBIOS to emulate 64-bit firmwares
  • Add emulation of a C3000 workstation


The qemu code has been pushed into the qemu git repository.

A fork of SeaBIOS to run on PA-RISC is in the external git repository at:

Ongoing work is documented here: