QEMU has a lot of interfaces (like command line options or HMP commands) and old features (like certain machine types) which are considered as deprecated since other more generic interfaces/features have been established instead. We cannot carry the old code around forever. But we also do not want to remove it immediately to give the users and upper layer software stacks (like libvirt) a chance to migrate to the new interfaces step by step.

This page was used to gather ideas about such deprecated features and interfaces, which finally culminated in the official deprecation chapter of the QEMU documentation. Since this page here was quickly out of date afterwards, its content has been removed now. Please visit https://qemu-project.gitlab.io/qemu/about/deprecated.html for the current official list instead.

For information about features that have already been removed, please consult the https://qemu-project.gitlab.io/qemu/about/removed-features.html page.