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Machine as QOM object

The main benefits of QOMifying the qemu machine are:

  • The possibility to have options per machine type and not global.
  • Accessing qemu object properties instead of a global QemuOpts list from different code subsystems.
  • Improving the machine "initialization" code (replace macros usage).
  • Adding per machine functionality.
  • Getting more close to QOM's vision of single interface for device creation and so on.

Basically the project aims (in the long run) to convert:

   QEMUMachine -> MachineClass
   QEMUMachineInitArgs -> MachineState.


  • QEMUMachine -> MachineClass transition is finished.
  • No need for QEMUMachine registration through vl.c. Now we have 2 paths:
    • Non QOM-ified machines will be converted to QOM on the fly in vl.c by qemu machine registration.
    • QOM-ified machines will behave as regular QOM classes setting MachineClass fields in class_init.


  • Replace QemuOpts queries by MachineState fields.
  • Allow options per machine instead of global.
  • Complete QEMUMachineInitArgs -> MachineState transition.
  • Replace PC_XXX_MACHINE_OPTIONS and PC_COMPAT_xxx macros usage by leveraging a good QOM hierarchy.
  • QOMify all the machines.
  • Get rid of 'machine registration' QEMU module.