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For QEMU 2.3 we completed a move from the SoftFloat 2b IEEE floating point emulation library to version 2a of that library, because the -2b license is not compatible with the GPL. This involved switching to the 2a version of the initial library code, getting approval from all subsequent QEMU contributors who had touched the fpu code for the relicensing from -2a to -2b, and reverting and rewriting a few small pieces of code which we couldn't get an ack for.

The softfloat-relicensing.tar.gz tarball here is an archive of:

  • the documentation of how the switchover was done and how the commits in the QEMU git repo were created
  • all the emails from contributors acknowledging the relicensing of their code
  • the separate reversion and reimplementation patches (which are squashed together in QEMU git in order to avoid breaking compilation on bisection)

The tarball is gpg-signed by me (Peter Maydell).

http://wiki.qemu.org/download/softfloat-relicensing.tar.gz -- archive

http://wiki.qemu.org/download/softfloat-relicensing.tar.gz.asc -- GPG signature of archive