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Add emulation of the Tensilica Xtensa processor family.


  • Name: Max Filippov / Open Source and Linux Lab
  • Email: jcmvbkbc@gmail.com


Target can run linux on sim and xtfpga (lx60/lx200/ml605/kc705) boards with dc232b/dc233c/fsf/custom cpus in system emulation mode. Kernel may be loaded with -kernel option, or by u-boot from FLASH or from TFTP, rootfs may be in a filesystem image file for the sim board, or may be mounted via NFS for the xtfpga.

Target configured with custom cpu can run ThreadX RTOS.

Support for new cpu cores may be added with minimal amount of hand-written code by reusing architecture variant overlay.


  • implement remaining hardware for xtfpga boards (LEDs, DIP switches, LCD?, audio codec?);
  • implement remaining core ISA options: cache;
  • implement cycle-accurate simulation mode;
  • implement ISA extensions like FLIX, wide branches or SIMD;
  • implement interrupt distribution hardware for SMP configurations;
  • implement user emulation mode;


Current development status, useful links and related repos may be found there: http://osll.ru/doku.php?id=etc:users:jcmvbkbc:qemu-target-xtensa

Linux/xtensa page about Xtensa on QEMU.