Google Season of Docs 2020

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QEMU is applying to Google Season of Docs 2020. This page contains our ideas list and information for technical writers and mentors.

Project Ideas

This is the listing of suggested project ideas. Technical writers are free to suggest their own projects, see #How to propose a custom project idea below.

User Documentation


Developer Documentation

Internships/ProjectIdeas/ComponentsBigPicture Internships/ProjectIdeas/ComponentsRelationship Internships/ProjectIdeas/HowToWriteNewDevice Internships/ProjectIdeas/HowToWriteNewMachine

How to add a project idea

  1. Create a new wiki page under "Internships/ProjectIdeas/YourIdea" and follow #Project idea template.
  2. Add a link from this page like this: {{:Internships/ProjectIdeas/YourIdea}}

Project idea template

=== TITLE ===
 '''Summary:''' Short description of the project
 Detailed description of the project.
 * Wiki links to relevant material
 * External links to mailing lists or web sites
 * Skill level: beginner or intermediate or advanced
 * Mentor: Email address and IRC nick
 * Suggested by: Person who suggested the idea