Google Summer of Code 2013/cs648/journal/Week1

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Charlie Shepherd: CPC integration

Journal Week 1

Milestone: Write up a short explanation of the memory structures used by the CPC runtime

Fri Jun 14

  • Had a meeting with kerneis to discuss initial steps of the project, written up at Initial Meeting

Mon Jun 17

  • Set up devel environment, read over CPC code initially

Tue Jun 18

  • Looked over the QEMU coroutine.h code and took notes on how it compared with CPC code

Wed Jun 19

  • Took more notes on CPC and QEMU code

Thu Jun 20

  • Had a meeting with stefanha and kerneis to cover this week's progress, any assistance they could give and to settle on a milestone for next week.
  • Started adding comments to CPC functions

Fri Jun 21