Google Summer of Code 2013/cs648/journal/Week4

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Charlie Shepherd: CPC integration

Journal Week 4

Milestone: Write a prototype coroutine implementation coroutine-cpc.c that passes tests/test-coroutine

Mon Jul 8

  • Looked over the design of coroutine-ucontext.c and added some features to the stub by basically copying and pasting code from coroutine-ucontext..c

Tue Jul 9

  • Worked on prototype design, initial prototype implementation, actually links and runs the tests although they fail

Wed Jul 10

  • Weekly meeting with stefanha
  • Fixed a few aspects of the prototype, so that it passes more tests.

Thu Jul 11

  • Debugged implementation to see why it fails the last test
  • Finished prototype implementation that finally passes tests!

Fri Jul 12

  • Fixed a memory leak in the implementation, cleaned up the code a little more and wrote up the last 3 weeks work