Google Summer of Code 2013/cs648/journal/Week5

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Charlie Shepherd: CPC integration

Journal Week 5

Milestone: Have qemu-img and qemu-io completely working by the end of next week

Tue Jul 16

  • Analyse the performance of the CPC prototype compared to the ucontext implementation
  • Get qemu-io compiling

Wed Jul 17

  • Track down bug in CPC that caused compilation to fail
  • Get qemu-img compiling and start testing where it fails
  • Discussion about whether to pursue converting the block to synchronous/asynchronous statically annotated functions, rather than "dynamic" ones

Thu Jul 18

  • Weekly meeting with stefanha and kerneis, decided to push ahead with converting the block layer
  • Sent initial patch to qemu-devel converting bdrv_flush to a synchronous version