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API documentation generation

Status: Gabriel Barreto is working on this project for GSoC.

Summary: Generation of API documentation from doc comments

QEMU currently has many functions documented using the GTK-Doc syntax, but there is no mechanism to actually generate API documentation from these doc comments. We need build rules that generate API documentation from C and Python source code.


  • Picking a documentation generation tool and syntax (unclear if we should stay with GTK-Doc)
  • Fixing or converting existing doc comments to the chosen syntax
  • Writing build rules to generate the documentation
  • Extra tasks, if time allows:
    • Improving clarity or formatting of existing doc comments
    • Converting existing ad-hoc comments in the code to doc comment syntax
    • Add doc comments to existing APIs that are undocumented



  • Skill level: beginner
  • Language: C, Python, GNU Make
  • Mentor: Eduardo Habkost <> ("ehabkost" on IRC)
  • Suggested by: Eduardo Habkost