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Moving I/O throttling and write notifiers into block filter drivers

Summary: Refactor the block layer so that I/O throttling and write notifiers are implemented as block filter drivers instead of being hardcoded into the core code

QEMU's block layer handles I/O to disk image files and now supports flexible configuration through a "BlockDriverState graph". Block drivers can be inserted or removed from the graph to modify how I/O requests are processed.

Block drivers implement read and write functions (among other things). Typically they access a file or network storage but some block drivers perform other jobs like data encryption. These block drivers are called "filter" drivers because they process I/O requests but ultimately forward requests to the file format and protocol drivers in the leaf nodes of the graph.

I/O throttling (rate-limiting the guest's disk I/O) and write notifiers (used to implement backup) are currently hardcoded into the block layer's core code. The goal of this project is to extract this functionality into filter drivers that are inserted into the graph only when a feature is needed. This makes the block layer more modular and reuses the block driver abstraction that is already present.

This project will expose you to QEMU's block layer. It requires refactoring existing code for which there is already some test coverage to aid you.



  • Skill level: intermediate
  • Language: C
  • Mentor: Kevin Wolf <> (kwolf on IRC), Stefan Hajnoczi <> (stefanha on IRC), Alberto Garcia (berto on IRC)