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AMD Interrupt Remapping Support for Jailhouse hypervisor

Summary: Supplement existing AMD IOMMU code with interrupt remapping support.

Jailhouse currently supports IOMMU on AMD-based x86 systems, however it does so for memory transfers only. In order for the isolation to be complete, the analogous translation should be applied to interrupt messages as well. This technique is commonly known as interrupt remapping and it is provided by AMD IOMMU.

The goal of this project is to implement the missing bits in AMD IOMMU interrupt remapping support to bring it on par with Intel interrupt remapping support Jailhouse already has. This involves writing code for the hypervisor core and arch-specific parts as well as adding relevant options to the config file generator.

In order to succeed with this project, you must have a sufficiently recent (2015 or newer) AMD computer (PC or laptop) which you can use as a testbed. You should also check that:

  • The APU is Kaveri-based or newer
  • There is an IOMMU option in the UEFI setup tool and it's enabled
  • A recent Linux distribution reports IOMMU support in dmesg
  • And you can pass-through a PCI device such as a network or sound card to a guest running in the virt-manager.

You should also check that the mainboard has a serial port header as this helps debugging a lot.



  • Skill level: Advanced
  • Language: C
  • Mentor: Jan Kiszka <>, Valentine Sinitsyn <>