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Local running rust-vmm-ci

Summary: Run the rust-vmm-ci locally

The rust-vmm-ci provides automation for uniformely running the tests on all rust-vmm repositories. It is built on top of Buildkite, and only allows running the tests in the Buildkite context. To run the same tests as in the CI locally, users need to manually copy the Buildkite pipeline steps.

The scope of this project is to make it possible for the same tests to easily run locally. This project makes it easier to contribute to all rust-vmm repositories.

In order for that to be possible, the following steps are required: - the Buildlkite pipeline is autogenerated from code instead of being a static list of tests to run. This also allows us to uniformely use the same container version for running all the tests (instead of manually modifying each step in the pipeline) - the code for autogenerating the Buildkite pipeline is reused for generating a Python script which can be run locally



  • Skill level: intermediate
  • Language: Python
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