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Mocking framework for Virtio Queues

Summary: Implement a mocking framework for virtio queues

Paravirtualized devices (such as those defined by the Virtio standard) are used to provide high performance device emulation. Virtio drivers from a guest VM communicate with the device model using an efficient mechanism based on queues stored in a shared memory area that operate based on a protocol and message format defined by the standard. Various implementations of devices and other virtualization building blocks require mocking the contents that a driver would place into a Virtio queue for validation, testing, and evaluation purposes.

This project aims to lay the foundations of a reusable framework for mocking the driver side of Virtio queue operation, that can be consumed by rust-vmm crates and other projects. At the basic level, this means providing a flexible and easy to use interface for users to set up the underlying memory areas and populate contents (as the driver would do) for the basic split queue format in a generic manner. This can further be extended for the packed format and with device-specific mocking capabilities.


Issue in rust-vmm about reusing the mocking logic: rust-vmm/vm-virtio:


  • Skill level: intermediate
  • Language: Rust
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