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PVRDMA Live Migration

Status: Sukrit Bhatnagar is working on this project for GSoC.

Summary: Add live migration support for the PVRDMA device.

The PVRDMA device allows Virtual Machines to use RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) without assigning a physical device (or a virtual function in SR-IOV case). The big wins are we don't need to pin the VM memory in RAM and the device can support Live Migration. This project addresses the latter point.

While the PVRDMA device can be used in a hybrid environment where the nodes can be a bare-metal machine or a VM, this project aims to enable Live Migration only if all the nodes are VMs.

The above assumption allows a relatively easy approach by creating a QEMU protocol for broadcasting/receiving notifications during Live Migration. Since RoCE uses Ethernet as the data link layer and QEMU already supports Live Migration for emulated Ethernet devices, the project will concentrate on passing the device state from source to destination and on the protocol mentioned above.



  • Skill level: intermediate
  • Language: C
  • Mentor: Marcel Apfelbaum <>, Yuval Shaia <>