Outreachy 2017 DecemberMarch



QEMU is considering participating in Outreachy 2017 December-March. This page contains our ideas list and information for applicants and mentors.

How to apply

  1. Read the Outreachy website first
  2. Choose a project idea from the list below. You should have the necessary technical skills for the idea you have chosen.
  3. Contact the mentor for your project idea to introduce yourself and discuss how you want to tackle the project.
  4. Choose a small task from the BiteSizedTasks page and submit a patch contribution. See Contribute/SubmitAPatch for guidelines on patch submission.

Find Us

  • IRC: #qemu-outreachy on irc.oftc.net

For general questions about QEMU in Outreachy, please contact the following people:

Project Ideas

This is the listing of suggested project ideas.

Project idea template

=== TITLE ===
 '''Summary:''' Short description of the project
 Detailed description of the project.
 * Wiki links to relevant material
 * External links to mailing lists or web sites
 * Skill level: beginner or intermediate or advanced
 * Language: C
 * Mentor: Email address and IRC nick
 * Suggested by: Person who suggested the idea

Information for mentors

Mentors are responsible for keeping in touch with their candidate and assessing the candidate's progress.

The mentor typically gives advice, reviews the candidate's code, and has regular communication with the candidate to ensure progress is being made.

Being a mentor is a significant time commitment, plan for 5 hours per week. Make sure you can make this commitment because backing out during the summer will affect the candidate's experience.

The mentor chooses their candidate by reviewing candidate application forms, giving out bite-sized tasks so applicants can submit a patch upstream, and conducting IRC interviews with candidates. Depending on the number of candidates, this can be time-consuming in itself. Choosing the right candidate is critical so that both the mentor and the candidate can have a successful experience.