Outreachy 2018 MayAugust



QEMU is participating in Outreachy 2018 May-August. This page contains our ideas list and information for applicants.

Applicants: QEMU is also participating in Google Summer of Code 2018. We recommend applying for the same project idea in both internship programs if you are eligible.

How to apply

  1. Read the Outreachy website first
  2. Choose a project idea and follow the steps on QEMU's Outreachy page.
  3. Contact the mentor for your project idea to introduce yourself and discuss how you want to tackle the project.
  4. Choose a small task from the BiteSizedTasks page and submit a patch contribution. See Contribute/SubmitAPatch for guidelines on patch submission.

Find Us

  • IRC: #qemu-outreachy on irc.oftc.net

For general questions about QEMU in Outreachy, please contact the following people: