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What is the soft feature freeze?

The soft feature freeze is the beginning of the stabilization phase of QEMU's development process. By the date of the soft feature freeze, maintainers must have sent their pull request to the mailing list. This means that features, and in particular non-trivial ones, must have been merged into maintainer trees before the soft freeze date.

What should I do by the soft feature freeze?

As a maintainer, for any feature that you're targeting to the next release, you should make sure that you've posted a pull request to qemu-devel.

As a developer, you probably should target a date that is at least 1-2 weeks earlier than the soft freeze date. This will give the maintainer enough time to review, test and apply your patches. For major features you should probably communicate with the maintainer about his intentions. It also helps if:

  1. Write a Feature page on the wiki describing the feature and the motivation
  2. On the release planning wiki page, link to your feature wiki page.
  3. Do all this early enough that you can work with the submaintainer to get the merge process underway