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Patchew is a CI service that perform continuous testing of the QEMU master branch as well as testing of each patch series that is submitted to the mailing list. Patchew also collects tags such as "Reviewed-by" and lets users search patches and download them.


Tests are configured at https://patchew.org/QEMU/info (accessible to project administrators only; Paolo and Fam are administrators.

Patchew does not support running tests on other trees than git.qemu.org/qemu.git; however, it runs tests on pull requests just like on any other series that is sent to the mailing list.

Test jobs

  • checkpatch.pl
  • Build tests:
    • x86 Linux Docker tests (Red Hat virtlab205, admins: Paolo and Yash Mankad): CentOS7/GCC, Ubuntu/clang, Fedora/clang with asan, mingw/GCC
    • s390 Linux (lfedora1.lf-dev.marist.edu, admins: Paolo and Dan Horak): build only
    • FreeBSD (Red Hat virtlab205, admins: Paolo and Yash Mankad)

Current Status

The current status of the master branch is: badge.svg