Testing/Linaro/TCWG GNU QEMU Tests

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Linaro run a number of CI bots including one that exercises the GNU toolchain:

 - Cross Compiled Binutils
 - Cross Compiled GCC
 - Cross Compiled Glibc

The result then runs the entire GCC test suite with ARM or AArch64 qemu-user. On failure the tool identifies which of the 4 components is responsible for the regression and then bisects to figure out which commit caused the breakage. This is primarily a tool for testing the toolchains but it could come up with QEMU regressions as well.

Currently the results end up on JIRA card [1] but we could also monitor the artifact logs.

The branches of interest are:

Updates to those branches will show which components are updates and which are reset when a failure is detected. We may be able to extract data from Jenkins as well?