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redo/fix query-command-line-options

Redhat Bug 1058567 - query-command-line-options command lost some options

Developer: Amos Kong <akong AT>

Upstream discussion:

QemuOpt is a new interface, not all the options have arguments converted to this interface. Some legacy options were lost (Upstream can accept this legacy issue). But currently some new options without arguments was lost in the return output, this should be fixed.

Problem exists in current query-command-line-options:

  • some new options haven't arguments can't be queried. (eg: -enable-fips)
  • some legcy options have arguments can't be queried. (eg: -vnc display)


Add full introspection support

This is about adding a command which returns all QMP types, commands (input and output parameters) and events.

Redhat Bug 557939 - QMP: Full introspection support

target: 1.6 (failed) target: 1.8 (....)

Amos Kong is working on this:

  1. V1:
  2. V2:
  3. V4:

V5: reduce the output size, improve the speed


  1. convert events to qapi-schema.json, support query of events

Generate doc from qapi-schema.json

The qapi-schema.json file contains full QMP documentation, but it's in JSON format. We should be able to generate a human friendlier doc from it (eg. a manpage).