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  1. Convert -machine, -object, -accel from QemuOpts to keyval [Paolo]
  2. Deprecate x-exit-preconfig, replacing it with cont/finish-machine-init/loadvm/migrate_incoming [Paolo]
  3. Replace -qtest with "-object qtest,chardev=...,log=..." [Paolo]
  4. Replace -m, -smp, -boot, -semihosting-config, -rtc with machine properties
  5. Add machine-set and accel-set commands

Independent pieces:

  • QAPIfy -display, add "-display add".
  • Make more commands available in preconfig (e.g. object-add, netdev-add, blockdev-add)

Basic phases

  • Only backends can be created
  • No machines have compat props that affect the backends, so that's good
QMP configuration flow starts here. machine-set command moves to the next step
  • Backends can be connected to on-board devices (how?)
set-numa-options available here
accel-set (can only be invoked again if it fails) moves to the next step
  • vl.c sets up memory here, but that's not required
  • migration_object_init() can be called
  • plugins can be loaded
CLI configuration flow starts here (preconfig enters the monitor here; w/o preconfig, x-exit-preconfig is invoked immediately)
accel-set actually goes directly from PHASE_MACHINE_CREATED to the next step
  • Devices can be created (including by x-exit-preconfig)
finish-machine-init, cont, migrate_incoming, x-exit-preconfig move to the next step
  • everything after qdev_machine_creation_done()

QMP configuration flow

Existing commands

  • Backend creation: netdev-add, object-add, blockdev-add, ...
  • Device creation: device-add
  • set-action (replaces -action and indirectly -watchdog-action, -no-reboot, -no-shutdown)

New commands

  • machine-set (covers -M but also -smp, -boot, -m, -semihosting-config, -acpitable, -smbios, -fw_cfg, -option-rom, -rtc, maybe -cpu)
  • accel-set (-accel)
  • something to replace -incoming defer??

Non-QemuOpts options

  • -k (should have replacement property in -display curses / -display vnc / -object input-barrier)
  • -uuid (should be added to -machine)
  • -qtest, -qtest-log (replaced by -object qtest)

Other command line options without QMP equivalent

Move to "missing commands" as you see fit or remark on whether it's not needed in the QMP configuration flow:

  • -display
  • -fsdev
  • -global
  • -icount (tcg accelerator options?)
  • -iscsi (obsoleted by -blockdev?)
  • -mon (just use stdio)
  • -msg
  • -overcommit
  • -plugin (plugin-add?)
  • -replay
  • -tpmdev

6.0 cleaned up sequence

Early option parsing

  • qemu_process_sugar_options: -mem-prealloc, -watchdog
  • qemu_process_early_options: -pidfile, -sandbox, -name, -add-fd, -trace, -L, -incoming defer
  • qemu_process_help_options
  • qemu_maybe_daemonize

Early initialization

  • qemu_init_main_loop()
  • cpu_timers_init()

Early command-line processing, machine creation

  • Options: -global, -rtc, replay_configure
  • qemu_create_machine
    • set_memory_options + current_machine is created (these two could be moved after early backend creation?)
    • Set machine compat props
  • Handle default devices (qemu_disable_default_devices, qemu_create_default_devices)
  • Create default network
  • Create early backends
    • Create displays
    • Create early objects
    • Options: -spice
    • Create chardevs
    • Create fsdevs
    • Create audiodevs
  • qemu_apply_machine_options
    • -boot, smp, -semihosting-config
    • set current_migration->send_configuration as in migration_object_init

Accelerator creation

  • Accelerators created and properties set
  • migration_object_init()
    • blk_mig_init, ram_mig_init, dirty_bitmap_mig_init

Late creation

  • Create late backends
    • qtest (needs chardev)
    • net_init_clients
    • Create late objects
    • Create monitors
    • Create backends for -serial/-parallel/-debugcon/semihosting
  • Determine ram_size
    • qemu_resolve_machine_memdev()
    • parse_numa_opts() -> set_numa_options()
  • Monitor entered here if preconfig, otherwise qemu_init invokes qmp_x_exit_preconfig

Leaving preconfig

  • Options: -plugin (requires -smp, but must be before CPUs are created)
  • machine_run_board_init(current_machine)
    • On-board devices are created
    • Requires accelerator to be initialized
  • Devices cannot be realized before this point (buses don't exist)
  • cont/migrate_incoming/loadvm complete initialization of the machine
    • everything starting with cpu_synchronize_all_post_init