Revision as of 19:34, 21 September 2023 by Mjt (talk | contribs) (note 8.1.1 is still buggy)

Release Schedule

2023-04-20 Beginning of development phase
2023-07-11 Soft feature freeze. Only bug fixes after this point. All feature changes must be already in a sub maintainer tree and all pull requests from submaintainers must have been sent to the list by this date.
2023-07-18 Hard feature freeze. Tag rc0
2023-07-25 Tag rc1
2023-08-01 Tag rc2
2023-08-08 Tag rc3
2023-08-15 Release; or tag rc4 if needed
2023-08-22 Release if we needed an rc4
2023-09-19 Freeze for 8.1.1 stable/bugfix release
2023-09-21 Tag v8.1.1. Please note: v8.1.1 is being released with known, still unfixed in qemu/master, bugs, also existing in v8.1.0

Known issues

Please use GitLab Issues to track release blocker bugs:

Other release info

Feel free to add non-bug information that is pertinent to the release here.

Targeted Features

See the ChangeLog/8.1 for full details.