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Release Schedule

2015-12-17 Beginning of development phase
2016-03-01 Soft feature freeze. All features

should have patches on the list by this date; major features should have initial code committed.

2016-03-29 2016-03-30 Hard feature freeze. Tag -rc0,

only bug fixes committed after this point

2016-04-05 Tag v2.6.0-rc1
2016-04-12 2016-04-14 Tag v2.6.0-rc2
2016-04-19 2016-04-21 Tag v2.6.0-rc3
2016-04-27 2016-05-02 Tag v2.6.0-rc4
2016-05-09 Tag v2.6.0-rc5 (this rc was delayed to wait for CVE fixes which couldn't go out until the end of an embargo period)
2016-04-26 2016-05-03 2016-05-11 Tag v2.6.0
2016-08-12 Freeze for v2.6.1
2016-08-17 Tag v2.6.1
2016-09-26 Freeze for v2.6.2
2016-09-29 Tag v2.6.2

Known issues

Please list all patch series or bugs which need to be fixed for the release here. That way I can be sure I don't miss any when I'm rolling release candidates.

Still unfixed in master

Nothing, hurrah!

Fixed in rc1

  • Compile failures if libnfs is enabled
  • net/netmap.c broken on FreeBSD [1]
  • don't use 8-byte atomic access on 32-bit platforms (fixes freebsd, ppc32, etc)
  • ensure chardev socket backends are in non-blocking mode [2]
  • cannot connect resolve client hostnames on FreeBSD [3] (broken since 2.4.0 by commit 3de3d698d942d1116152417f882c897b26b44e41)

Fixed in rc2

  • add i82801b11 missing migration data
  • tests/bios-tables-test: fix assert (make check will fail for newer iasl without it)
  • reentrancy problems for dataplane/aio (fixed in pull 8227e2d16705b8c94df93f465d4e1659c28c69ce)
  • compilation failure when --enable-tcg-interpreter is used (Stefan Weil has patch posted)

Fixed in rc3

  • Networking is broken on Windows hosts
  • pflash block/io.c bdrv_co_do_pwritev during migrate (typically EFI setup)
  • NBD features added in 2.6 don't quite follow protocol [4] [5]
  • buffer overrun in cadence_uart
  • cuda: fix off-by-one error in SET_TIME command [6]
  • Update language files in po/. As there were changes in ui/gtk.c, the line numbers need an update.
  • gluster data corruption after io errors
  • fix pv-grub booting with xenfb [7]
  • wrong r0 on kernel boot on raspi2/xilinx-zynq/highbank/midway
  • TCG performance 15% regression due to assert()

Fixed in rc4

  • nbd: Don't mishandle unaligned client requests
  • performance regression since 2.4 on AArch64 due to not using transparent huge pages
  • While committing snapshot qemu crashes with SIGABRT [8] (wants 'block: Fix assertion failure at mirror exit' series)

Fixed in rc5

  • vga security fixes (CVE-2016-3710, CVE-2016-3712)

Not planned to be fixed for 2.6

  • compilation failure on 3.20 gtk (fedora 24) - deprecated functions (not a failure for release tarballs, workaround for building from git tree is to use --disable-werror; we will fix this in 2.7)
  • iscsi: cannot associate -drive driver=iscsi with -iscsi args to get authentication credentials when iSCSI IQN contains a ':' (which essentially all of them do). Needed to fix CVE-2015-5160 in libvirt
  • target-mips: there is an old bug which was detected and fixed too late, see This bug also triggers a build failure with recent gcc.

Targeted Features

See the ChangeLog/2.6 for full details.