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Release Schedule

2016-05-12 Beginning of development phase
2016-06-28 Soft feature freeze. All features

should have patches on the list by this date; major features should have initial code committed.

2016-07-19 2016-07-22 Hard feature freeze. Tag -rc0,

only bug fixes committed after this point

2016-07-26 2016-07-29 Tag v2.7.0-rc1
2016-08-02 2016-08-08 Tag v2.7.0-rc2
2016-08-15 2016-08-16 Tag v2.7.0-rc3
2016-08-22 Tag v2.7.0-rc4
2016-08-29 Tag v2.7.0-rc5
2016-08-19 2016-08-29 2016-09-02 Tag v2.7.0
2016-12-20 Freeze for 2.7.1
2016-12-23 Tag v2.7.1

Known issues

Please list all patch series or bugs which need to be fixed for the release here. That way I can be sure I don't miss any when I'm rolling release candidates.

Fixed in rc5

  • Compile failure in bsd-user
  • virtio bugs with vq->inuse counts
  • 9pfs filename sanitization
  • crash with gdb server
  • net socket connect broken

Fixed in rc4

  • commit 9c37146782e785 accidentally disabled a lot of the linux-user netlink support code, because the headers don't define IFLA_BR_* and IFLA_BRPORT_* as C preprocessor constants, so #ifdef IFLA_BRPORT_ID etc don't do what you might hope
  • test-logging testcase leaves a lot of logfiles in /tmp/

Fixed in rc3

Fixed in rc2

wxx: Truncate files used for character devices

Will not be fixed for 2.7

  • trying to attach a vhost-user device causes a segfault -- this is not a regression (was present in 2.6), so we'll fix it in 2.8
  • virtio balloon bug of some description??
  • doesn't build on Windows with older glib versions
  • PPC regression on prep ?

Targeted Features

See the ChangeLog/2.7 for full details.