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Release Schedule

2018-04-24 Beginning of development phase
2018-07-03 Soft feature freeze. Only bug fixes after this point. All feature changes must be already in a sub maintainer tree and all pull requests from submaintainers must have been sent to the list by this date.
2018-07-10 Hard feature freeze. Tag rc0
2018-07-17 Tag rc1
2018-07-24 Tag rc2
2018-07-31 Tag rc3
2018-08-07 Tag rc4
2018-08-14 Release
2019-04-08 Freeze for v3.0.1
2019-04-11 Tag v3.0.1

Known issues

Please list all patch series or bugs which need to be fixed for the release here. That way I can be sure I don't miss any when I'm rolling release candidates.

Fixed in rc0

Fixed in rc1

  • Crash with: qemu-system-aarch64 -M integratorcp,accel=qtest -nographic and then at the HMP monitor: device_add bcm2837 followed by device_add corgi-ssp

Fixed in rc2

Fixed in rc3

  • Valgrind complains about uninitialized value here: valgrind -q aarch64-softmmu/qemu-system-aarch64 -M mps2-an505,accel=qtest - fix posted: 2018-07-24 "hw/misc/tz-mpc: Zero the LUT on initialization, not just reset"
  • migration crash with -device hda-duplex - fix posted: 2018-07-24: audio/hda: Fix migration
  • On s390x, maxram is broken for large guests - fix posted: 2018-07-30: "s390x/sclp: fix maxram calculation"

Fixed in rc4

  • assert when using vIOMMU in vhost (vhost: check region type before casting)
  • memory hotplug regression when using two numa nodes
  • corrupt SRAT when using numa node without memory (not a regression)
  • hw/misc/macio: Fix device introspection problems in macio devices
  • sam460ex: Fix PCI interrupts with multiple devices (not a regression)
  • bad TCG codegen for dup_vec: "[PATCH] tcg/optimize: Do not skip default processing of dup_vec"
  • Arm migration of v8M CPUs is broken (not quite a regression)
  • Arm migration of KVM GICv3 is broken
  • xtensa introspection bug:
  • heap overflow in slirp:
  • QEMU (frontend) crashes upon warm reboot with vga=775 on Linux cmdline:

Not yet fixed in any rc

Issues that will not be fixed

  • monitor: fix oob command leak (patch on ML, regression, but only for monitor OOB mode which is still experimental and disabled by default)
  • RFC: fix megasas leak (patch on ML, may not be a regression)
  • qemu NBD server kills connection on NBD_CMD_BLOCK_STATUS when serving non-sector-aligned file (not a regression)
  • ICMP handling on OSX hosts (not a regression)
  • qemu_kill() gives poor log results when tests fail with core dump (not a regression; debug aid)
  • monitor cleanup dead-locks when connected to a Spice port: "[PATCH] monitor: avoid potential dead-lock when cleaning up" (not a regression)
  • A couple of minor fixes for structured load/stores and rounding cases for SVE will be in 3.0.1

Targeted Features

See the ChangeLog/3.0 for full details.